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Gtelecom | Business ISP for Voice, Data and Internet Services
About Us

Gtelecom Australia is fully licensed telecommunications carrier with one of the largest advanced network infrastructures in Australia providing vast data, internet and voice services and solutions.

Gtelecom Australia has an extensive business base allowing a full range of services including Voice, Fixed Wireless, Ethernet, Co-Location, IP Transit, Dark Fibre & ADSL. Gtelecom Australia has a large network infrastructure that spans a large range of regional and metropolitan Australia.

Our presence within data centres also allows to us complete international network connections on requirement. Due to fast evolutions in technology and ever-growing business requirements, we have taken the responsibility of future proofing our network with huge network excess in hand to ensure the delivery of superior and exclusive products at cost effective rates that both Gtelecom Australia and our partner providers can use to their disposal.

The ability to respond efficiently with professional support around the clock guarantees quality service is delivered across the board which ensures our ability to deal with government agencies and large scale corporate entities.

Gtelecom Australia continually endeavours to reinvent and develop our network with substantial financial backing, continual buying power, new inventory opportunities and personal relationships that ensure our relevance in the marketplace.


   Gtelecom Australia is all about    service excellence by "collaborative working, leading by example and going the extra mile". In the last year Gtelecom Australia Wholesale engagement has resulted in a strong partnership. We are looking forward to further growth and exciting developments.
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