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Gtelecom Works With The Victoria Golf Club

Author: Kristoffer Collopy, Published: April 26, 2019

Recognised as one of the worlds leading golf courses the Victoria Golf Club has recently undergone a massive $3.3 million dollar renovation to the facilities and turf. As part of this new upgrade Gtelecom was asked to upgrade the clubs network infrastructure.

"The Importance of connectivity is paramount at our club, we host several premium events and conferences throughout the year who require constant access for presentations, teleconferencing, cloud computing and general connectivity when they stay. We explored several options to upgrade our connection and Gtelecom was the best choice, as we needed high speeds and they provided very competitive rates.

As we are situated a far from the main road, the last thing we wanted to do was tear up our brand new lawn or the driveway. The fixed wireless option was the best one for the Club and so far everything is running smoothly. Within 5 days of signing the contract we had the Gtelecom technicians on site ready to install the network." - Garry Lewis

Word from our CEO - Zack Baala

"Gtelecom prides itself working with top tier clients such as military, government and on boutique private jobs. Working alongside Victoria Golf Club is no exception, known as one of the top courses in Australia and the world. The renovations look fantastic and I am looking forward to hosting our clients at the club on an ongoing basis." - Zack Baala

About The Victoria Golf Club

The Victoria Golf Club gave architect Alister MacKenzie the perfect opportunity to create the finishing touches to a course of outstanding quality. The greatest players in the game have always been attracted to the famed Sandbelt layout to test their skills across a palate of indigenous rolling topography. Since the early founders, the course and its members have weaved a rich tapestry of history. The history and feel of Victoria is one that is unique and certainly one that is to be experienced and understood.

The Victoria Golf Club Life Member and five-time Open Champion Peter Thomson said, "some clubs have a special character that sets them apart. It is not necessarily the quality of the course, or the accommodations of the buildings that distinguishes them. It is more essentially the membership, past, and present, and the file of achievements over such a period of decades that creates such a tradition. Victoria Golf Club is such a Club".

The Club has a remarkable history evolving over more than 100 years and the following key topics comprise this rich tapestry

There is a unique quality about the Victoria Golf Club which is unmatched by any other in the world. And in case the reader detects a parochial connotation in that statement, they should be assured that it is backed by any objective analysis or detailed comparison that can be applied.

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