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Billing & Accounts Quick Help

Payments & Invoices

What are your hours and how can I contact you?
The billing department is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. 5:30 p.m. We can be reached by telephone at (03) 8789 4988 or by email at

Can I pay my bill online?
Yes, you can. To enroll in Gtelecom Australia online bill pay system, please call Customer Care at (03) 8789 4988. They will create your EPay account, enabling you to view invoices, pay your bill, and review your current information. After you've enrolled, you can use your online bill pay from anywhere

How will I receive my bill?
Gtelecom Australia prefers to do all billing via email. Since we are an Internet and email provider, we find this to be the easiest and most effective way to keep our overhead down. You may use ANY email address you would like to receive our monthly invoices/sales receipts but we can only guarantee delivery to email addresses that we host. Invoices will be sent out monthly.

Customers who are set-up with automatic payments will receive a sales receipt on the date their credit card is processed. If at any time you have not received your invoice or sales receipt please contact our billing department and we can resend it to you. Policies outlined in the Billing Policy Agreement apply to all accounts.

When is my bill due?
Your invoice will post to your account on the same date each month. This date is specific to when you signed up for services.

How can I pay my bill?
Check or money order payments are accepted via mail or can be brought into the Gtelecom Australia office.
Payment can be made over the telephone with a debit or credit card
Auto pay, using a debit or credit card, can be set-up to automatically process your payment on the monthly due date.
EFT can be set-up to draft funds directly from a checking account
If your check or EFT is returned to us by your bank for any reason, a fee will be added to your account. If you would like to set-up auto-pay or an EFT draft, please contact our billing department.

Is there any additional charge to make a payment over the phone, use auto pay or EFT?

What happens if I am late on my payment?
5 days after the due date our billing system automatically creates a separate invoice for a late fee. If a balance remains on the account 7 days after the invoice due date, service will be suspended until the full account balance and applicable late fees are paid. If your account is in jeopardy of being suspended, the billing department will email a notification to your designated billing email address.

What if I need to change the email address where I receive my monthly invoices?
If at any time you need to update any information, please contact our billing department either by email or phone. For your protection, we require identification verification before changes are applied.

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